Sunset – Modular Medieval Brick Buildings v4.25

Download Sunset - Modular Medieval Brick Buildings v4.25 Free


Download Sunset – Modular Medieval Brick Buildings v4.25 Unreal Asset For Free
An atmospheric large scale environment built from modular assets. 4 complementary building sets plus clutter and foliage, all sharing a realistic medieval style, using Parallax Occlusion Mapping and Distance Based Tessellation for high quality details.Sunset´s architectural medieval assets were modeled with special attention to work with Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) in combination with Pixel Depth Offset (PDO). This leads to highly realistic and detailed surfaces on any viewangle, wich demand only few triangles.As POM doesn´t work that well with sharp edges, most buildings are framed by non-Parallax woodbeams or bricks. PDO serves to create ultrarealistic transitions at the edges and casts silhouettes, only on inner edges (engine doesn´t allow silhouette casting on outer edges).This pack also includes medieval clutter, flora, rocks and basic assets for worldbuilding, such as a simple POM-Watermaterial with wave-silhouettes thanks to PDO. Some assets (roofs or rocks) support a directional material effect like moss, wich is fully customizable and works with POM and Tessellation.Where Parallax doesn´t fit, distance-based tessellation is used, creating highly detailed surfaces. (e.g. rocks, treebark and terrain).The detailed demo-worldspace is intended to explore and features full terrain with 4 layers and customized sky and post processing for an atmospheric experience.The Engine has issues with PDO and self-shadowing during dynamic lighting. Use static/built lighting if possible.Support: xsgamestudios@gmail.comTechnical DetailsFeatures: 120+ Modular Medieval Building Assets for following types: Castlewalls, Church, House, Tower and Walkways (optimized for POM and PDO; snap to grid: 100) 40+ Interior Meshes Interactive Animated Doors (press E-key) 10+ Basic Furniture Meshes 30+ Medieval Clutter 3 Rocks 1 Cliff 3 Plants 3 Trees 3 Tree Billboards Vertex-Paint for Imperfections Terrain with Mountain/Lake/Forest Scenery Detailed Demo-Scene to explore + Easteregg Asset Overview-Scene Parallax Occlusion Materials for most Architecture/Rope/Water Distance-based Tessellation Materials for Treebark/Ground/Road Basic parallax Water Material with PDO (Default Textures) 4-Layer Terrain Master Material with distance-based Tessellation and Grasstype Parallax Window Material with 2 different Interiors Animated Foliage Materials (Grass, Leaves, 3 Plants) Customizable 3-Layer Blend Material (used for Roadsplines) Angle-based Moss Overlay Material Customized Default Post-Processing Customized Default Particles (Fire, Smoke) Texture Sizes: 4k – 2k

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Sunset – Modular Medieval Brick Buildings v4.25 Is a paid Unreal Asset , But now you can download Sunset – Modular Medieval Brick Buildings v4.25 for Free

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