Survival Food Pack v3.0

Download Survival Food Pack v3.0 Free


Download Survival Food Pack v3.0 Unity Asset For Free
This extremely affordable package contains 52 survivalist food items made with love and care! From Beans to Whiskey – get everything you need to survive the apocalypse!If you like this pack you might also enjoy our other survival packs:- Post-apocalyptic Food Pack- Survive Nuclear War Pack- Survivalist Health Pack- Survivalist MacGyver Pack- Survivalist Pandemic PackThe models are between 6-366 polygons and come in FBX format.The package comes with 256×256, 512×512 and 1024×1024 PBR textures (albedo/alpha, metalness/smoothness, normal) in TIFF format.All items have LODs (Level of Detail)!You also get 2D icons for all the items sized at 500x500p and in PNG format.There are also prefabs for all the different texture resolutions and LODs to make life easier for you.This asset is detailed and optimized so it’s perfect for VR too!This package is updated every now and then and it’s price will go up, but everyone who already owns the package will of course get all updates for free.Items (Polygons:)- Barbecue sauce (176P)- Beans (120P)- Beef jerky (82P)- Beer (240P)- Candies (62P)- Cat food (155P)- Cereal (6P)- Chicken (160P)- Chocolate (P118)- Cocoa powder (126P)- Cookies (126P)- Cough Drops (90P)- Crackers (30P)- Dog food (96P)- Donut (120P)- Emergency rations (112P)- Empty beer (156P)- Empty can (156P)- Empty candies (88P)- Empty soda (216P)- Empty water bottle (168P)- Energy bar (118P)- Food supply (246P)- Food supply – Brownie (94P)- Food supply – Chili (94P)- Food supply – Cornbread (94P)- Food supply – Gumbo (94P)- Food supply – Lasagne (94P)- Food supply – Meatloaf (94P)- Food supply – Pork pie (94P)- Food supply – Stroganoff (94P)- Granola bar (118P)- Honey (131P)- Jam (96P)- Juice box – Apple (18P)- Juice box – Orange (18P)- Luncheon meat (137P)- Meatballs (163P)- Milk powder (120P)- MRE (104P)- Peanut butter (132P)- Pineapple (163P)- Plastic wrapper (146P)- Pot noodles (70P)- Sardines (121P)- Soda (360P)- Sports drink (192P)- Tomato soup (30P)- Tuna (203P)- Water bottle (228P)- Water container (351P)- Whiskey (366P)


Survival Food Pack v3.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Survival Food Pack v3.0 for Free

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