Terrain Mesh Blending

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Download Terrain Mesh Blending Unity Asset For Free
This tool allows you to blend objects seamlessly with terrains, without having to paint the terrain texture onto them. It works with the three built in terrain shaders. The included overlay shader allows you to blend objects with custom object-shaders.Features:- Simple setup- Automatic blending- Shader for legacy-diffuse terrain- Shader for legacy-specular terrain- Shaders for standard terrain(full standard shader does not support deferred rendering, simple standard shader works)- overlay shaders- Script for terrain blending- Demo scene- Source code + manual for creating other terrain blending shadersModels:- boat- Pipe- wood planks- wood fence- bottle- 3 grass meshes


Terrain Mesh Blending Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Terrain Mesh Blending for Free

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