The Forest v1.5

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Download The Forest v1.5 Unreal Asset For Free
Use trees to build a forest, shrubs to fill in the views, boulders to create blockades, rocks to create interesting areas, paint with landscape layers to automatically fill the ground with procedurally distributed ground cover, including ferns, dead branches, roots, clover, down to small rocks and pebbles.Use the unified wind and wetness shader to define the wind and wetness amount on a global scale, without having to modify every asset or material, simply by inputting a value between 0-1. You can use 0 to simulate calm winds and dry environment or go up to 1 to simulate stormy winds and wet environment. You can even decide the wind direction without having to do anything complex. Combined with particles and other effects, the end results, are truly spectacular.Note: Features video was captured at 4K and adjusted to 1080p with sharpening. For more accurate look refer to screenshots.Technical DetailsFeatures• Unified wetness shader• Unified wind shader• Wind driven shadows• Wind driven puddles• Wind driven river• GPU Particles• Lighting presets• Ambience sounds• Distant rain effect• Distance based tessellation and displacement for trees and landscape• River material with dynamic foam (distance fields)• Extensive customization using material instances• Demonstration level (WIP)• Controllable tree moss layer• Procedurally distributed ground cover• Water puddles landscape layerContent[11] Trees (9 Unique, 2 Scaled)[1] Clover[6] Ferns[3] Shrubs[4] Boulders[3] Branches[2] Rocks[2] Roots[1] Cliff[1] River[1] Distant rain[1] Rain particle[1] Falling leaves particle[1] Cinematic lighting preset[1] Overcast lighting preset[2] Day lighting presets[1] Night lighting preset[2] Scatter leaves[1] Mist plane[5] PebblesFunctionsBreezeWetnessColorizerCloudPannerDistanceFadeDisplacementFadeDistanceTessellationGlobalColorVariationMaskModifierPannerWaterMixerPBR: YesLODs: YesCollision: YesTexture size: Up to 4KDocumentation: Yes[57] Meshes[24] Materials[90] Material Instances[21] Material Functions[138] Textures

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The Forest v1.5 Is a paid Unreal Asset , But now you can download The Forest v1.5 for Free

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