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The Wasteland: Post-Apocalyptic Modular Environment.Version: 2.6: (Please see “Versions” tab below for all of the newly added content included in this mega update!) This is the “Overgrown” update, now with over 1,100 different modular pieces to create largely detailed scenes and levels.With this package, you can create an almost endless amount of different scenes, ranging from styles like: apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, modern, urban, city, past, present, future, and more!Videos below in order are as follows:1) Updated Overgrown demo scene included in the package.2) Cell-Fractured Walls preview, showing the breakable prefabs and their feature.3) Module break-down showing just how modular this package is.4) Created with previous version 2.25, showing all the prefabs included (all new prefabs not shown in this video)”The style and setting of this pack takes place in what would appear mostly to be a post-apocalyptic setting. Walls consisting of Concrete and Shanty Metals, filling your scenes with great detail. Old wooden structures, barely keeping hold. Resources would be scarce, and structures would be run-down, but the survivors will build their base, and make it their new home!”———————————————–Check my website occasionally for the Electronic README for this package! A constantly updated documentation explaining all of the features included in this package! Including the featured “Cell Fractured Walls!”———————————————–Hints-Vertex Snapping (hold “v”) work great for connecting pieces perfectly together.-Most square walls consist of measurements of 4x4m(length x height), and most rectangular consist of 8×4 (length x height).-Concrete Walls, Structures, and anything else that shares the Material called “Walls_Map”, has up to 7 different texture looks!.-Same goes for anything that shares “Misc_Map” has 1 alternate darkened Material!———————————————–What do you get with this package? (V: 2.0)-x18 Terrain Textures, and one Grass Texture!-PBS Materials, provided with diffuse, speculars, normals, and occlusion.-Over 1,000+ Total Prefabs: from modular walls, windows, building modules, furnishing, shanty metals, small objects and scene fillers, etc.———————————————–(V: 2.0) Added:-10 new terrain textures.-19 billboards, scaffolding towers, and old metal Windmills!-10 Metal barriers, and Shanty blockades.-17 One-Sided-Walls, for those looking for fast builds with no interiors.-8 Fortified Walls, great for military encampments, or large bases!-4 Wooden Ladders.-10 Fences: Wood variants, with linked builds.-9 Roadblock prefabs, some set up with Rigid-bodies.-7 Wooden Bridges, wood planks, scaffolding.-2 Ground hatches.-6 Tire stack groups.-2 Desks, 2 Furnished Shelves.-21 File Cabinets.-14 Electric poles, telephone poles, streetlights.-5 Concrete Blocks, and group prefabs.-31 Small objects, scene fillers, and great for filling empty shelves: consists of, hammers, bats, cans, bowls, paint cans, tin and rusty cans, etc..-15 Skyscrapers, great for background placements, and early prototyping!-6 “Cell Fractured Walls” (More info can be found on the electronic README found on my Website!) Each wall can be textured up to 5 different ways, giving 30 possible wall combinations.———————————————–(V: 1.0) Included:-Ash trays with cigarettes burning, (Particle Effect)-Barrels with fire effect, great for scenery lighting.-Metal Shelves, and more furnishing.-Palettes, big and small, stacked and single plates.-More metal girders and support beams, great for vertical wall support, or ceiling supports.-Doors and walls with windows builtin. Showing and old like ruined look, great for post-apocalyptic world scenes.-x5 Bullets, a Jerry Can, and some medical Boxes.-Pipes, big and small, straight and curved-A few dozen built Building Modules, some Multi-floor warehouses, and small buildings.-Shanty Metal walls, barriers, Outposts, Houses, Buildings, etc.-Concrete Walls; broken and together, buildings, warehouses, rooms, slabs, etc..-Concrete Window walls, door cutout walls, jail cells, barred windows, etc..-Signs and sign posts.-barrels, crates, tires, checkpoints


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