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Download Thinkscroller Unity Asset For Free
Thinkscroller is an easy-to-use utility for 2D parallax scrolling. Great for mobile games, Thinkscroller’s easy-to-use interface offers the ability to drag and drop elements for pixel-perfect parallax scenes. It also supports custom billboards, scrolling multiple textures per material, and works with any camera setup!Features of Thinkscroller:• Automatic pixel-perfect support• Multi-axis scrolling• Automatic mesh and material generation• Easy to use automatic parallax weight system???????????????????????Why choose Thinksquirrel assets?• World class support: We take support seriously. All Thinksquirrel products and services come with access to both our knowledge base and direct support.• Great performance: Focus on what’s important: creating your vision. Our tools have a very low overhead and just work.• On every device: Thinksquirrel products work on every platform supported by Unity. Whether you’re targeting PC, Mac, mobile, or anything else, our tools help you get the job done.


Thinkscroller Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Thinkscroller for Free

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