Thinksquirrel 2D Bundle vr1

Download Thinksquirrel 2D Bundle vr1


Download Thinksquirrel 2D Bundle vr1 Unity Asset For Free
Enjoy full versions of Camera Shake, Physics 2D Extensions, and Thinkscroller in one easy-to-use package. Save 25% over purchasing these assets individually!Each asset:• Works perfectly with Unity 5• Includes full source code• Works individually or as part of the same 2D project• Includes Thinksquirrel’s top-notch, personalized customer support and access to our Slack channel• All product updates for no additional fees or upgradesCamera Shake is an extension for realistic camera shake animation. It has one easy-to-use component. Scripting callbacks with raw shake information let you shake the UI or the whole world!Features of Camera Shake:• Multiple shakes• Blending• Shake presets• Callbacks• Also supports 3DPhysics 2D Extensions helps you get the most out of Unity’s 2D physics! Versatile, intuitive, and easy to use, Physics 2D Extensions offers the most realistic 2D simulation—on any device!Features of Physics 2D Extensions:• Wheels, ropes, pulleys, gears, springs, and many other joints• Automatic anchors, automatic distance joints, and breakable joints• Full API access• Buoyancy, wind, and point forcesThinkscroller is an easy-to-use utility for 2D parallax scrolling. Great for mobile games, Thinkscroller’s easy-to-use interface offers the ability to drag and drop elements for pixel-perfect parallax scenes. It also supports custom billboards, scrolling multiple textures per material, and works with any camera setup!Features of Thinkscroller:• Automatic pixel-perfect support• Multi-axis scrolling• Automatic mesh and material generation• Easy to use automatic parallax weight system???????????????????????Why choose Thinksquirrel assets?• World class support: We take support seriously. All Thinksquirrel products and services come with access to both our knowledge base and direct support.• Great performance: Focus on what’s important: creating your vision. Our tools have a very low overhead and just work.• On every device: Thinksquirrel products work on every platform supported by Unity. Whether you’re targeting PC, Mac, mobile, or anything else, our tools help you get the job done.


Thinksquirrel 2D Bundle vr1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Thinksquirrel 2D Bundle vr1 for Free

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