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Tiles of War is a tile-based Fog of War system designed to provide ease-of-use out of the box but also give you enough flexibility to make it work the way you want. You can start simple (no coding) and add features as you need them (basic coding).Although designed for tile-based strategy games, it’s usable for any top-down game style: Rogue-likes, party-based RPGs, Exploration, etc.It goes beyond basic fog of war by providing built-in support for non-player unit, structure, and terrain “ghosting” for explored areas. Enemy units, terrain, and structures won’t update if they change when the player can’t currently see them.Designed around a callback system, you get notified when something changes, removing the need to poll lots of units or tiles to see if their visibility has changed.Features:- Fog Method: Custom Image Effect (Pro-only)- Fog Method: Projector (for Standard)- Fog Method: Overlay Plane (for Mobile)- Supports 100s of Units- Supports large areas (1024×1024 tiles)- Visible, Explored, and Hidden areas- Automatic “ghosting” in Explored- Automatic renderer management- Customizable visiblity determinationFull source, documentation, and demo included.


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