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Download Track Builder Collection Unity Asset For Free
This track kit comes with several dozen Road and Object prefabs to create your own rural street environment to suit many driving game styles.This track package looks great on the PC and has been optimized for mobile.Each static track section comes with several layers of details that you can choose from. Example, you can disable the railings, or turn on the lights on the power poles, or even turn on the cliff side mesh. The package comes with 2 example scenes and one scene with every prefab inside of it.The 2 example scene’s are the same as the demos provided but without the vehicles. Tip! For easy construction. Drag the next track section into an object called “_RoadConnector_X”. These dummy nodes are already setup to orientate the track section into the proper location without you having to move it by hand!


Track Builder Collection Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Track Builder Collection for Free

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