Turn Based Strategy Framework v2.0.1

Download Turn Based Strategy Framework v2.0.1 Free


Download Turn Based Strategy Framework v2.0.1 Unity Asset For Free
CHECK OUT DOCUMENTATION BEFORE UPGRADING FROM v1.2.1This project is a highly customizable framework for turn based strategies. It allows to create custom shaped cell grids, place objects like units or obstacles on it and play games with both human and AI players. The framework was designed to allow implementing various gameplay mechanisms easily. Please check out documentation and demo scenes linked below for more information.Main features of TBS Framework:- Covers all aspects of turn based game, including map generation, pathfinding, combat and game progression- Contains Grid Helper custom inspector for setting up a scene automatically- Tile and Unit Painter introduced in v2.0 make designing maps easier than ever- Comprehensive project documentation- Responsive support over email or forum thread- Helped many devs finish their hobby project, school assignment or release a game to marketAwesome games made with the framework:Dust and SaltFabled LandsTavern Table TacticsMortalaxyKuroTacticsThird party support:Hex Gamepad Controller


Turn Based Strategy Framework v2.0.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Turn Based Strategy Framework v2.0.1 for Free

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