U File Browser v1.0.2

Download U File Browser v1.0.2 Free


Download U File Browser v1.0.2 Unity Asset For Free
Light weight In-Game File Browser based on uGUI, and has the same design concept with uGUI stuff.Works well with all the version of Unity 5.X.? Easy To Use : You don’t have to learn anything else if you know about how to use uGUI stuff.? Well Designed : Performs almost the same with windows file browser.? Fully Customizable : Freely set your own art work in it. It’s just made with gameObjects with common uGUI components.? Muti Platform : Works on PC, Mac, (maybe Linux), Android and IOS.


U File Browser v1.0.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download U File Browser v1.0.2 for Free

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