U2DEX: Unity 2D Editor Extensions v1.4

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Download U2DEX: Unity 2D Editor Extensions v1.4

Download U2DEX: Unity 2D Editor Extensions v1.4 Unity Asset For Free
U2DEX streamlines areas of the Unity Editor for 2D development, further turbocharging your 2D workflow.Still curious? U2DEX has tons of awesome features, some of which include:• Full Unity 5 and Unity 2017 compatibility!• 2D Toolkit and Orthello support!• Unity Sprite support!• Fully configurable Grid and Snap tools• Sorted Layer Selection• Streamlined Rotation controls• Enhanced Size and Scale• Support for Pixels-per-meter• Full Unity Preferences integration• Light and Dark theme support!• Apply the 2D Transform Inspector to any class with a name, via an intuitive and easy-to-use editor (just type in the class name)!And much more!By rounding out and polishing some of the Unity Editor’s sharp, 3D corners U2DEX presents 3D values in an intuitive way that makes sense for 2D space — all while still maintaining the Unity look-and-feel you know and love.


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