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uDialog is a complete dialog solution for the Unity UI.With uDialog, you can:- Create and customize message boxes with optional titles, icons, and buttons- Create and customize menus- Create notification messages- Wrap UI content in themed, draggable, and resizeable windows!WebGL DemoFeatures:? Full source code included? Show message boxes, confirm dialogs, menus, and content windows? Use built-in themes and color schemes, or build your own? Easy to set up and use in the editor? Easy to create and customize dynamically via code (using a Fluent API)? Add buttons easily in the editor, or using code? Show notification stacks with message queueing? Various show and close animations available? Dialogs can be draggable, via the title or via the entire dialog/window? Dialogs can be resizeable, from any direction(s) you choose? Optional focus on click or on mouse over? Play audio when dialogs are shown, closed, or when any of their buttons are clicked (with optional AudioMixerGroup integration)? New in v1.03:? Visualize windows on a Task Bar? Minimize windows (to the Task Bar)


uDialog v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download uDialog v1.0 for Free

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