Ultimate Joystick v2.6.0

Download Ultimate Joystick v2.6.0 Free


Download Ultimate Joystick v2.6.0 Unity Asset For Free
The Ultimate Joystick is a simple, yet powerful input tool for the development of your mobile games. The Ultimate Joystick was created with the goal of giving Developers an incredibly versatile joystick solution. Designed with this in mind, it is extremely fast and easy to implement into either new or existing scripts. You don’t need to be a programmer to work with the Ultimate Joystick, and it is very easy to integrate into any type of character controller. Additionally, the Ultimate Joystick features a complete in-engine Documentation Window to help you understand exactly what you have at your disposal. In its entirety, Ultimate Joystick is an elegant and easy to utilize mobile joystick solution.FEATURE LIST• Multiple High Quality Joystick Textures• Easy to Navigate Custom Inspector• Complete In-Engine Documentation Window• Easy Copy & Paste Script Reference• Automatic Updating with Screen Size & Rotation• A Vast Array of Practical Options• Efficient Real-time Editing• Fast and Easy IntegrationPACKAGE INCLUDES• Neat and Organized Folders• Ultimate Joystick scripts in C#• Ultimate Joystick Editor Scripts in C#• Ultimate Joystick README file in C#• Asteroids Example Scene• 6 Different Ultimate Joystick Prefabs• 6 Different Adaptable Joystick Textures• Joystick Animation Example• Personalized support from Tank & Healer Studio!


Ultimate Joystick v2.6.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Ultimate Joystick v2.6.0 for Free

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