Ultimate Selector v3.4.1a

Download Ultimate Selector v3.4.1a Free


Download Ultimate Selector v3.4.1a Unity Asset For Free
Ultimate Selector is a Saving time and Great/Fun way to setup and display characters, items or props.FeaturesRadial/Linear/Grid/Custom DistributionTransform Animation SystemDATA SAVING using Player PrefAdd Remove Items at run-timeMultiple Selector on a same sceneSwipe/Drag selectionMobile Ready!Unity Event Based3D Objects, Sprites or Canvas itemsEditor Data Saving SystemBasic Purchase SystemLock/Unlock SystemLocal or World orientationAuto Camera FramingIdle focused item animationsSeveral Selection customizationsAuto Focus On Clic/Touch objectMaterial ChangerMesh ChangerNext/Before Object selection in empty space


Ultimate Selector v3.4.1a Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Ultimate Selector v3.4.1a for Free

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