?ustomized Post-Apocalyptic ?haracter v1.1

Download ?ustomized Post-Apocalyptic ?haracter v1.1 Free


Download ?ustomized Post-Apocalyptic ?haracter v1.1 Unity Asset For Free
In the update, the skeleton is replaced with a more correct one.I present to you my new Character.This character is made in the style of post-apocalypse.You can customize your character to your liking.The character has 45 parts to customize.All these parts have one rig.5 pants.5 shoes.5 types of clothes for the body .5 backpacks.3 heads.2 glasses.4 hats.12 masks.The same character has 8 weapons.Gun.Gun02.Rifle.Sniper Rifle.Bita.Ice Axe.Knife.Star Axe.The character has no animations. But has a rigg humanoid.


?ustomized Post-Apocalyptic ?haracter v1.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download ?ustomized Post-Apocalyptic ?haracter v1.1 for Free

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