Vehicle Pack 02. – HereVR Race Scene v1.03

Download Vehicle Pack 02. - HereVR Race Scene v1.03 Free


Download Vehicle Pack 02. – HereVR Race Scene v1.03 Unity Asset For Free
This pack offers AAA quality low poly race car and truck models in 20 preset color combinations with EDITABLE, LAYERED TEXTURE SOURCES to create stunning 3d games or visualisations (so you can use your logos on the cars).The package contains more than 45 prefabs without the LOD stages, including a POLICE Minibus.Texture resolutions are between 512 x 512 and 2048 x 2048.Unity 5 webplayer (45 MB, Deferred, Linear)WHY IS IT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER AVAILABLE 3D MODELS?All the cars/trucks are has unique, royalty-free design to avoid ‘trademark/brand’ conflicts when you publish your game/visualisation. So with using these cars you can release your game without having the permission of IRL car manufacturers/race teams.The package is a part of the HereVR Race Scene project, what involves separately available packs like:- Pit Garage Pack 01.- RaceTrack Pack 01.- Vehicle Pack 01.Poly numbers (triangles):RaceCar body – 5 039RaceCar tyre LODs (HI / MID / LOW)2 292 / 1 140 / 420 (per tyre)Steering wheel – 1 326Truck (all tyres included) – 1 610Police Minibus (all tyres included) – 2026E-mail: herevr3d@gmail.comThe illustration screenshots were made in Unity 3.5.7 PRO with the freely available MirrorReflection script (not part of the pack).Other notes:The package contains ‘ready to animate’ objects (and tyre LODS), but no scripts/codes/fx.’Environment’ vehicles (the trucks and the minibus) were designed for ‘static’ use, but have separate wheels if you would like to animate them.The package ships with static car pilots with editable textures for FREENOTE: From 2016. 01.01. only Unity 5 versions are supported and getting updates.


Vehicle Pack 02. – HereVR Race Scene v1.03 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Vehicle Pack 02. – HereVR Race Scene v1.03 for Free

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