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VText is a Unity Package which generates dynamic 2d and 3D text at runtime, using an intuitive user interface. VText supports Unity 5(Personal Edition & Enterprise Solutions)Important:We supported Unity 4 before, but we decided to use newer features of Unity 5. Whoever needs a VText version for Unity 4 (without the new features) please send us an EMail to: support@virtence.comNew features:- complete new User Interface- easier to use setup- default materials and fonts (using the first installed font)- generate bounding boxes and or rigidbodies automatically for each glyph- justify your multiline text in block format- add arbitrary monobehaviours (like animators or simple own scripts) to your glyphs automatically (testing phase)- a couple of bugfixes like the GI bug, etc- new demo scenes showing the new featuresKey Features:- Dynamic creation of 3D text- Supports TTF and OTF fonts- Intuitive user interface- Size, bevel, depth and quality dynamically adaptable- Different material slots for these parameters- Bending of the 3D text (curve editor)- Circular bending of the 3D text- Text alignment- Line spacing- Optimized UV layout for Lightmapping- supports Light ProbesVText supports any TTF or OTF fonts to create the geometry of the 3D texts.The generated texts are dynamic adjustable in size, depth and slope and different materials can be used for this parameters.VText automatically generates an optimal UV layout for the 3D text, which is optimized for Light Mapping in Unity. The geometries of the individual letters are optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Also it generates tangents for the 3D text to get the best results when using normal maps.With VText created 3D text can be deformed by a curve editor in both XY and XZ directions. The user can decide whether the letters align to the curve or not.The orientation of the 3D text can be changed in horizontal and vertical alignment. The line spacing is also dynamically adaptable.VText supports the following platforms:- Windows- Mac- iOS- OS- Android- Linux


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