WA: US Soldier Pack v1.1

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Download WA: US Soldier Pack v1.1

Download WA: US Soldier Pack v1.1 Unity Asset For Free
ULTRA-HIGH QUALITY AAA Characters.HalfPixelGames Released a first version of Ultra-High Quality Character. Its a part of our great project WORLD ARMY.Character Pack include:- AAA Rigged and Skinned Character Model.- FBX Model with 10K polygons. (With 4 lods 10k/7k/4k/2k of tris)!!!- 3 visual skins: Desert, Forest, SWAT.- 3 separated elements (head, body, legs) with 2k textures for each part, adapted for PBS rendering (Unity 5/Marmoset/LUX).- (3DS MAX Bipedal Skeleton) Mecanim Humanoid skeleton.- Full compatibility with Unity’s mocap packs of animations and Mixamo Animations- weapon attachment points.-FPS Hands model.Weapon Package contains:Assault rifle:- Separated into 12 parts for customization.- Contains 3 LOD. 9k for FPS Screen, 3k for medium and 1k for a long distance.- 512 – 2k Textures, adapted for PBS (Unity 5 Marmoset/LUX).- Fire Effects and Shoot sound.- Two different effects – Single shot and automatic fire (with simple shooting script for demo)- 3 LOD’s for each elment.Pistol:- 2k triangles.- Separated into parts for customization and animation.- 1k Textures, adapted for PBS (Unity 5 Marmoset/LUX).- Sound and visual “ShootEffect” included.All assets specifically created for PBR Rndering.But also look great with a standard renderer with my custom SpecularReflexive Shader.In future updates, will be added 5 LOD’s and almost 50 unique animations for this character, but right this moment THIS VERSION HAVE NO ANIMATIONS YET!!!


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https://hitf.cc/jyJ6JEI/WA – US Soldier Pack.rar.html
https://turb.cc/jyJ6JEI/WA – US Soldier Pack.rar.html
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