Web API Kit: Core v1.2.1

Download Web API Kit: Core v1.2.1 Free


Download Web API Kit: Core v1.2.1 Unity Asset For Free
Build maintainable REST APIs on top of popular HTTP clients such as BestHTTP, UniWeb, HttpClient, UnityHTTP and Unity’s built-in WWW and UnityWebRequest.1-2-3 SETUP The process of building your API is done in three easy steps using out of the box helpers.PAINLESS You don’t have to know the inner workings of any HTTP client. Define your API and call it!SELF-DOCUMENTING API definitions are easy to read and always maintained in one place. Every aspect of the HTTP protocol, including: URL building, HTTP method, timeout, headers, and payloads is done using built-in attributes.AUTOMATIC DATA CONVERSION There is no need to write serializing logic. We include many data mappers that handle converting data to and from the wire. Receiving a JSON string is no different than receiving a Texture2D or Sprite. The only difference is which data converter you select.EXTENDABLE WAK’s primary goal is extensibility. We know that all APIs are built different and that’s why the entire HTTP pipeline can be modified to fit your needs.MANAGABLE The lifecycle of an HTTP request is completely managed, including timeouts, cancellation, and fault and error detection.BEST SUPPORT We know that playing around with HTTP is not a game developer’s job. WAK takes the pain away, but we are still here to help whenever you need us!TRAINING We have recorded over two hours of video in case you want to dive deep. Many examples are included for popular APIs.OAUTH If you need to communicate with an API behind an OAuth wall, check out our OAuth Interceptor.Head over to our site for more information.Supported platforms include desktop, mobile, and WebGL.


Web API Kit: Core v1.2.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Web API Kit: Core v1.2.1 for Free

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