Wood Assets Kit v4.26

Download Wood Assets Kit v4.26 Free


Download Wood Assets Kit v4.26 UE4 Asset For Free
Set with some barrels, buckets, washbasins, tables, benches, stools, wooden fences, some simple structures, firewood and a chopping block with axes, for use in medieval and rural settings, somewhat Nordic inspired.Technical DetailsFeatures: Material instances set up for easy control of colorization, normal intensity, metal polish, patina amount, etc. Only a few materials and textures shared among all the assets for fewer texture load calls.Number of Unique Meshes: 40Collision: Yes, generatedVertex Count: 30-1140LODs: Some, where relevantNumber of Materials and Material Instances: 14 materials with instancesNumber of Textures: 31Texture Resolutions: 1024 * 1024 & 2048 * 2048


Wood Assets Kit v4.26 Is a paid Unreal UE4 Asset , But now you can download Wood Assets Kit v4.26 for Free

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