World Creator Professional v2.1.0

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Download World Creator Professional v2.1.0 Unity Asset For Free
World Creator is a professional procedural terrain and landscape generator for creating lively, virtual 3D environments in games, movies and artwork.With a powerful array of creative tools and improved efficiency, real-time editing in the viewport, randomized terrain generation, and more, World Creator makes terrain and landscape generation faster and more fun than ever before.MOST ADVANCED TERRAIN GENERATORGenerate any kind of terrain you can imagine. Hills, mountains, ridged mountains, terraces, canyons, moons, deserts, straight hills, plains, asteroid, sand dunes and many more. World Creator ships with many filters that can be applied and combined to create an unlimited range of possible terrain types. Each filter has multiple settings you can adjust, each affecting the resulting terrain. Those filters can be applied within a specified terrain height or terrain slope giving you full control during design process.DESIGN YOUR OWN TERRAIN SHAPEDesign your own terrain shape with the Unity Terrain Tools and let World Creator make it looking real.TILING SYSTEMWorld Creator introduces the most powerful tiling system ever seen to create not only a vast landscape but to create a real world with different biomes, including full support for Input Terrain areas where you can seamlessly stamp your input terrain into this new world.RIVERS AND ROADSCreate highly customizable Rivers and Roads that perfectly fit into the terrain. During creation you have a real-time visualizer – what you see is what you get!ENHANCE EXISTING TERRAINSImport height maps or existing Unity terrains and let World Creator make them look real. It is just one click and you transform a low resolution terrain to a high resolution real looking terrain. You even can affect the shape itself for stunning artistic effects.TEXTURINGUse your own or third party textures to colorize your terrain artificially depending on terrain slope, height, mask, cavity, sun direction, sea level and other criteria. Manipulate how the textures are combined to achieve AAA visuals. World Creators texturing generator is layer based – no more annoying blending problems!OBJECT PLACEMENTPopulate your terrain with your own or third party trees, plants and other objects using a dedicated artificial generator.Settings, such as terrain slope, terrain height, masks, cavity, sun direction, sea level and many more can be used to create an amazing natural looking terrain with rich vegetation and many details. You even can tell World Creator to only place objects depending on a specified texture!EROSION AND SEDIMENTATIONIncludes highly customizable Erosion and Sedimentation filters – both fully GPU powered and utilizable during real-time mode. World Creator is one of the first terrain generators that is capable of applying Erosion and Sedimentation in real-time.TERRAIN PRESETSEvery terrain that you create can be stored as a terrain preset which you can share with your friends or sell them inside the asset store.TEXTURE MASKS AND OBJECT PLACEMENT MASKSUse masks to specify texturing and planting distribution. Masks can be edited in real-time – use a set of predefined brushes or simply use your own custom brushes.CAVITY DEPENDENT TEXTURING AND OBJECT PLACEMENTDescribe in-depth where textures and objects should be placed through the cavity functionality with which you can for example select pit holes and more.POST OPERATIONSApply post operations to further adapt your terrain to your scene. Such an operation could be to flatten the terrain within a specific radius at a scene objects location – ideal for placing buildings and more.REAL-TIME PERLIN NOISE GENERATORUse the integrated real-time Perlin noise generator to create masks while designing the terrain. Those masks can be used to perform texture masking or object placement masking.HEAT-MAPSHeat-Maps are visualizers that help you a lot during design time. Enable them and see which area of the terrain is affected by a given operation such as terrain filter settings, texturing and object placement. In addition they speed up the entire generation process!HEIGHT NOISE MASKSThis kind of masks can be used to create irregular transitions in blending textures at specific heights.TERRAIN MASKSCreate multiple terrain types on a single terrain map which is a unique feature compared to other terrain generators! Masks can be edited in real-time – use a set of predefined brushes or simply use your own custom brushes.HIGH-SPEED GPU GENERATIONWorld Creator is definitively one of the fastest terrain generators available as it takes full advantage of the power of your graphics card. Generate huge terrains within milli-seconds.REAL-TIME TERRAIN GENERATIONSwitch to real-time mode and see how each slider used to create the terrain shape instantly affects the terrain you see in your viewport. Designing a terrain is fast as only possible and makes pure fun!MAXIMUM RESOLUTION UP TO 8192World Creator pushes Unity’s terrain engine to its limits by enabling you to create terrains with a resolution of 8192 pixels!… there is so much more …- CPU Multi-Threading- 100% Unity terrain, IN and OUT- 100% Compatible to any other asset that works with Unity Terrain- Import RAW 8, RAW 16, PNG, JPG files- Export to OBJ, RAW 8 / 16, PNG, JPG- Terrain splitting capabilities- Support of custom terrain shaders… and a lot more!


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