World Space Cursor v1.2.1

Download World Space Cursor v1.2.1


Download World Space Cursor v1.2.1 Unity Asset For Free
The World Space Cursor is a must-have extension if you use world space canvases. Especially necessary for Oculus Rift or other VR games!!Although the regular system cursor will work with world space canvases, it’s drawn in screen space! This looks amateur at best and is completely useless for any VR games.When using this extension, your system cursor will be replaced with a World Space Cursor. That is, it is located in 3D space with your canvas. It will render perfectly in the Oculus Rift and look great in regular games, too. This World Space Cursor will have the same orientation and scale as your canvas, so it looks great no matter how your canvas is positioned. Check out the online demo here!- Every selectable Unity UI element works 100%: buttons, text fields, sliders, toggles, and scrollbars- Will work with any custom selectable object you create, too!- Works with the standard Unity Input system, which means that gamepads, keyboards, and mouse controls are compatible- Sensitivity is customizable to your needs- Comes with 3 basic cursor images, and a .psd template to easily create your own custom cursors


World Space Cursor v1.2.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download World Space Cursor v1.2.1 for Free

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