WW2 Tanks pack v1.1

Download WW2 Tanks pack v1.1 Free


Download WW2 Tanks pack v1.1 Unity Asset For Free
Everything you need to create a World War II-style combat scenario!This package contains 6 tanks (M3a3, M4a3, Panzer V, Pzjag-38, PZVI, and T34). 1 Katyusha multiple rocket launcher (BM13), 2 fighter aircraft (P-47, bf 109), 9 buildings and a number of props.Two versions are included:1. Two part tanks including body and rotating cannon part separated with 512*512 texture.2. Three part tanks, with the body , the turret, and the cannon all separate to allow full articulation, and a unique material on the tank treads to allow UV animation with one 256*64 texture.


WW2 Tanks pack v1.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download WW2 Tanks pack v1.1 for Free

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