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Download Zone Controller Pro v1.0.1 Unity Asset For Free
Zone Controller Pro is an extension for Unity that allows you to control the properties of ANY other Unity component at runtime. Create stunning and smooth transition effects on your favorite Unity components with just a few clicks.The setup is simple1) Define a zone as a 3 dimensional area.2) Drop a Game Object onto the zone’s inspector.3) Select the properties you wish to control.4) Set the values for the selected properties.5) Click PlayBuilt from the ground up on tested design patterns this tool utilizes .NET reflection and Generics to discover and expose metadata about all Unity components, and give you a GUI to manage them on a zone by zone basis for you scene.Zone Controller Pro provides smooth transitions between current values and target values, so you can make a gradual change to a property as you enter and exit zones in your scene.Zone is ideal for dynamically controlling:-Visual and Post Processing effects.-Controlling performance in low FPS regions-A.I. and behavior engine settings-Lighting scripts-Bubbling events to other scripts-Control Weather and Environmental systems-Make changes to shader materials as runtime.Zone Controller Pro comes with the source code in C# as well as API Guide for developers looking to integrate their components into it.If you would like to try Zone Controller out before your purchase it, there is also a Free Version Available Here that you can use. It has all of the basic functionality of Zone Controller Pro, but has some limitations and restrictions.Features in Pro that are NOT in the free version:- Support for more data types-Beta Access-Bonus Scripts-Source Code-Reflection based discovery of non Unity Types-2D collider support-Dynamic Method Invocation-Curve based transitions-Property Filtering-Hotkey based Zones-Control multiple Game Objects on Single Zone-Zone Timeouts


Zone Controller Pro v1.0.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Zone Controller Pro v1.0.1 for Free

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